We Help You Get Started with Ozone Therapy in Your Clinic

Help more people | Increase profit | Build a name

Help more people
Increase profit
Build a name


Is it time to improve patient outcomes?

  • Do you want to help more people more of the time?
  • Is it time for an effective AND profitable therapy?
  • Do patients leave because they don't feel quick results?
  • Do you want to build a good name for your clinic?
  • Are you tired of ineffective therapies?
  • Are you stuck with profit gobblers?

You want to grow the clinic

You may feel frustrated at the lack of profit your clinic produces.  It's tough running a business!


You want to help more people

You may feel disappointed when you can't help a patient


You want to be reputable

You feel a desire to make an impact on your community's healthcare

Help More People
Increase Profit
Build a Name


Like you, we are frustrated by ineffective and unprofitable treatments

We have helped thousands of clinics get started with ozone therapy

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Dr. David Minkoff

Ozone Therapy Expert

They thought she had parkinson's... she couldn't speak... she couldn't walk.  We gave her three times a week Ozone/UBI.  Within two months she was walking and talking again.

Dr David Minkoff

How to Get Started with Ozone Therapy in Your Clinic

  • STEP 1: Download this guide
  • STEP 2: Schedule a live online training (details in guide)
  • STEP 3: Buy equipment
  • STEP 4: Start treating patients with ozone!
  • The ozone equipment has a six month return policy.  Don't like it?  Just send it back.
  • Advanced training for free
  • Email and phone support as questions pop up

Get Your FREE Guide Today

Guide to getting started with ozone therapy in your clinic

Without Ozone

Patients who don't return because they didn't get quick results
No treatments that reliably grow profit
Difficulty creating a name for your clinic in the community

With Ozone

Increasing referrals because they get quick results
A treatment that becomes a staple in the clinic and produces reliable income
Creates a name in the community by improving lives

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