About Drs Ozone and Ozone Therapy


We exist to help people get well with ozone therapy through education.  Ozone therapy is a great alternative and complimentary therapy many don't know about.  We believe in starting with less invasive and less expensive options first (as ozone therapy is a less invasive option than many conventional treatments).

Whether you are an individual interested in learning the basics, or a medical practitioner seeking to get started, you've come to the right place. 


The Lowe Family Vacationing In Mexico

DrsOzone.com was originally founded by Tom Lowe, a medical based entrepreneur.  He is known for many things.  Most importantly that he is a Godly man beloved by his family.  He has 11 kids and countless grandkids... and one of them is writing this :)

My father is a pragmatic thinker with contrarian impulses.  He recognized the ingenuity and effectiveness of a device after missionary work done in Togo, West Africa. Beginning a business in a small, quiet, and cold Michigan room, my father became an evangelist of integrative health.  

My brother developed a rare brain cancer, which fueled dad's research into alternatives after the conventional system had nothing left to offer.  

Dad's career highlights include:

  • SOPMED, an elite medical conference and training entity for practitioners
  • A natural based grocery store (which failed miserably... but that's a good learning experience, right?)
  • Redeveloping a long outdated method of UBI (ultraviolet blood irradiation) to be more effective. This UBI method helps hundreds of thousands of people.  
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