Words from the Wise - How Ozone Helped a 74 Year Old

Words from the Wise - How Ozone Helped a 74 Year Old

Christian Flore
2 minute read

This week's story comes from a 74 year old and her journey into ozone therapy. Her name is Esther Molly.

She began doing ozone therapy in 2019 after her chiropractor told her about it. 

At first, Esther was skeptical, but she trusted her chiropractor and did her research. After researching it, she decided she wanted to do ozone therapy! She began with ear insufflation. This is when ozone is inserted into a patient's ear canal. This has been known to be great against sinus infections, mold toxicity, ear infections and even Lyme!

She didn’t really notice much of a difference in her health though, so she decided to try rectal insufflation. (Which is better because it is systemic.)

From doing rectal insulation she now says that she is hardly ever sick, and when she is sick, it is nothing like what it used to be.

She believes there are many people out there who will never change their thinking when it comes to different therapies, but for people like her, who are open to change, she thinks the best solution is to create content that advertises its possibilities! If a 74 year old is saying we need more content than obviously this is something she really believes in!

Esther wants people to break the societal norm of thinking doctors know all the answers. She wants people to do their research first before trying what a doctor recommends. She has noticed since COVID more people have begun to question their doctors and do their own research. Therefore resulting in healthier and more educated people.

We need more people like Esther Molly… We need people with her spunkiness and bluntness. That is the only way we are going to see change! We need people that are passionate for their health and others!

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