Why Rectal Ozone is the Best Overall Ozone Therapy

Why Rectal Ozone is the Best Overall Ozone Therapy

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There are SO MANY different ways to apply ozone therapy.

Did you know there are more than 30 different ways to apply ozone therapy?

And many more if you start to count the nuances, protocols, and other variables.

So WHY do I think rectal ozone is the most valuable way to apply for healing and improving the body?

Well... it's not just me.

If you read my articles and emails, you've noticed my mentions of Dr. Velio Bocci.

I refer to Dr. Bocci often because he accelerated the research of ozone therapy more than anyone else.  He is titled, "The Father of Ozone Therapy"

In one article, research paper, Dr. Bocci heralded the two most effective therapies - ozonated saline infusion and rectal insufflation.

Rectal Ozone Description

A lot of you didn't even know ozonated saline IV is argued to be the best ozone therapy by the International Scientific Committee of Ozone Therapy!

However, it's expensive, lengthy, and can be tough to do.

So rectal insufflation has some distinct advantages, making it the most valuable overall treatment.

Here's why rectal insufflation is the most valuable:

  • Provides a systemic treatment - your WHOLE body benefits from it!  This is similar to the IV (blood) treatments with ozone.
  • Cost less than $1 per treatment over time
  • Takes less than 3 minutes for a full treatment
  • Can be done daily, providing a consistent therapeutic effect
  • Rectal ozone can be done at home

Does this mean the other ways are useless in comparison?  Certainly not.  But if we had to rank all the different options, rectal ozone has the best overall value.

Since rectal ozone is the most popular and valuable, I wanted to put together a short list of where to find the information.

These are resources we've created to teach you everything about rectal insufflation:

  1. What is rectal ozone and how does it affect the body? (video)
  2. What is rectal insufflation ozone? (article)
  3. How to do rectal ozone (video instructions)
  4. Rectal ozone protocols

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