Who Says Ozone Can't be Used by a Business Woman?

Who Says Ozone Can't be Used by a Business Woman?

Christian Flore
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A business woman's journey to healing the long established pain in her mouth using ozone.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say accountant? A really straightforward, maybe boring spreadsheet loving person. Someone who follows the rules and is in love with the tax code. My stereotype assumption was quickly demolished, when I had the opportunity to have a conversation with the not so boring Jennifer Mansfield. 

When it comes to her health and life, Jennifer is quick to think outside the box. She’s been an innovator her whole life. Over 3 years ago, she started her own firm (https://jjmansfield.com) and created a new type of tax and accounting firm – a virtual firm where both her employees and clients could collaborate in a virtual/remote way.  When the pandemic hit a year ago, her firm was ready for the shift in how people needed to work. Truly, a woman ahead of her time.  

Jennifer grew up in a family that relied on more natural home remedies and rarely went to the doctor. She had been dealing, however, with persistent swollen gums that easily bled in a certain part of her mouth for years and was still looking for the elusive cure that didn’t involve antibiotics or surgery.  

Jennifer knew the power of ozone, as her dentist is a Biologic Dentist who uses ozone therapy. Her dentist had used ozonated water to treat her gums and it worked, however, the benefits only lasted a few months. Jennifer needed a permanent solution to kill the pesky bacteria in her gums that were causing problems and needed a way to apply ozone to her gums on a daily, consistent basis.

While browsing natural solutions for her swollen gum issue, Jennifer stumbled upon an ozone toothpaste.  Knowing the power of ozone, she decided to give the toothpaste a try. Low and behold, after two weeks of using the ozone toothpaste both day and night, the gums were healthy and normal. Nothing she had tried before, had such great results. She is hooked and plans to continue using the ozone toothpaste indefinitely to make sure that pesky bacteria never reappears.  

I’ve learned something valuable from Jennifer – she was and is an innovator!  She is willing to try new things even if others weren’t so brave.  Had she not tried the ozone toothpaste, she’d be making trips to the pharmacy for antibiotics to stave off an infection. 

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Jennifer questions the traditional solutions and is willing to do the research, discover new ways, and then try them out. My conversation with Jennifer was so inspiring. It’s easy to accept what you are told to do or what is conventional, but Jennifer went out of her way to question the system, so she could better herself and others. Jennifer trusts her ability to discover new truths and in this case, it was the curative power of ozone toothpaste. 

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