What is Ozone Water and How Can it be Used?

What is Ozone Water and How Can it be Used?

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ozonating waterOzone is a commonly misunderstood molecule.  It is commonly referred to, in the context of pollution, which is harmful.  Ozone is never safe to breath.  However, pure medical grade ozone can be safely applied for a number of beneficial reasons.  It can be used medically in three different mediums: ozone gas, ozone water, or ozone oil.    

Ozone water is made by bubbling ozone gas through distilled water until it is fully saturated with the ozone gas, similar to a carbonated drink.  Ozone water has to be used quickly because it is insatiable and will dissolve back into oxygen.

What is it used for?

  • Dentistry: A holistic dentist will commonly use ozone water in their routine procedures.  It’s used to speed the healing time and eradicate infections.1, 2, 3
  • Skin infections and wounds: Since WWI, ozone water has been medically used to eliminate infections such as gangrene. 4, 5, 6  It also can stimulate and speed up healing for diabetic ulcers and abscesses.6, 7 
  • Drinking: There are a lot of testimonies of people claiming that ozone water is helpful to drink.  They commonly suggest it for ailments like leaky gut, Crohn’s, stomach ulcers.  Some even go further saying it helps to increase energy and combat chronic diseases like Lyme disease.  However, it hasn’t been researched much at this time.  Drinking ozone water remains unsubstantiated for treating anything but small studies suggest it is helpful for H. Pylori, a stomach infection.8

How it works

There are two primary actions with ozone water

  1. It kills pathogens: Ozone is widely known to be an extremely powerful antiseptic.  It kills pathogens through a process of speedy oxidation, which breaks them down.  
  2. It heals wounds faster: Ozone water can help an area to heal quicker.  It does this by helping the wound to get needed nutrients from the body.3, 9

Safetyozone dental therapy

Although it’s not widely accepted in the USA, ozone therapy has seen long-spread acceptance in many places throughout the world. Millions of treatments have been performed with a safety record better than aspirin.10

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