What I Know About Ozone Oil

What I Know About Ozone Oil

Micah - The Ozonaut
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At a glance:

  • The drastic increase of skin disease, perpetuated by inappropriate healthcare programs, leave 1.5 billion people affected by skin and mucosal infections.
  • Ozone oils may be effective for a multitude of skin issues because it's a strong antiseptic and stimulates the body's healing processes
  • Ozone creams are manufactured to a scientific standard and are better than ozone oil

Over the past few decades we have seen a drastic increase in skin infections. The standard healthcare hasn't done a good job of eliminating these skin issues. The issues range from bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and diabetes, which may be helped with ozone oil.

Although these are not usually deadly...

They pose a MAJOR problem because the standard care is expensive and not very effective. 

The use of ozone oil is said to "appear providential" because of how it works with these skin issues.

Do ozone oils really work with over 50 issues?

That was the same question I had when I first started to research it.

And the answer is what inspired me to start two ozone businesses. The world needed to know about this. The product we began to study had astounding results. It had been reported to close up non-healing wounds, eliminate MRSA, and heal ulcers. The product was naturally based with no known negative side effects and we noticed that it made skin sparkle and clear up.

The results that came in astonished us again!

How did this mysterious cream do that?

Well, it’s ozone oil. Ozone oil is unique because it is created by infusing natural oil with ozone.

Velio Bocci was one of the first researchers to really catch my attention. As a scientist, he devoted the majority of his career to ozone and spent over 30 years researching it in Italy.

A while ago, Dr. Velio Bocci wrote:

"I would like to predict that the application of ozonated oil, a simple and inexpensive remedy, will become far more useful than expensive pharmaceutical creams and will herald a medical revolution for the topical treatment..."

The ozonated oil may do something unique because it may stimulate healing instead of shutting down the skin functions, which is what a lot of products do. Ozone creams may assist over 50 skin and oral problems for two primary reasons:

  • Antiseptic - The ability to eliminate bad bacteria and pathogens because it creates small amounts of natural hydrogen peroxide in the area
  • Stimulates healing - The ability to speed the healing process because it stimulates growth factorOzone oil claims

Our body runs on oxygen. And one of the things that ozone can do is slowly diffuse oxygen to the affected area.

In this video Moriah shares how an ozone cream removed her acne when nothing else could...


  • Ozone cream absorbs much better
  • Ozone cream is less messy and smells better
  • Ozone oils are inconsistent while ozone CREAMS are made to a higher standard of quality and fall within European pharmacological standards - we empirically know exactly what is in the product every time.  

I worked with ozone oils for quite a while but eventually decided it wouldn't be enough.

I got my start with ozone oils - so I'm thankful for that. But they were lacking standardization and needed improvement. All the manufacturing methods had no way of measuring the peroxide value (the gold standard of measuring ozonated oils). It was somewhat of a crapshoot. People just saturate oil until it looked a certain way - it was a little more complicated... but that's the general idea.

There are some other issues, but that is the biggest one: you weren't 100% sure what you were getting. One oil could be different from the next.

Again, I'm not bashing any of the other ozone oil companies. I believe they provide a great product with stellar results... it's unlikely you would be upset with a purchase. But there is still room for improvement. Let's collectively improve this industry.  

We now use a standardized method of making ozone oil to identify the strength and quality. Ozone creams use European pharmacological standards to create a product that is going to be stable and reliable each and every time.

Ozone cream is more absorbent...

Standard ozone oil leaves a residue, sometimes for hours. So the cream is a great alternative because it will rub into the skin right away and give the same benefits. It's also a lot less messy.

I'm not just giving lip service to the product. I offered ozone oils for five years but switched to creams and gels because I really believe they are better and people like them more.  


Ozonated oil has been around for a long time and seems to be tremendously helpful for infections, blemishes, acne, wounds, and more.  It is a multi-purpose product that is natural and can be used on almost anything because it stimulates natural healing.  

Recent growth in this industry has accelerated the quality of the products.  Now ozone cream and gels are the future of ozone oil.  

If you're interested in trying ozone oil, gel, toothpaste, or cream, I highly recommend checking out Honest O3.  Click here to view their products.

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