Uses of Ozone Around the World

Uses of Ozone Around the World

Micah - The Ozonaut
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What does "Jack of all trades” mean to you? I’m guessing you’re already responding... “master of none", but what if a Jack of all trades could be an expert at all they do? While it’s almost an impossibility for someone to do that… SOMETHING can though... that thing being ozone! 


Ozone is created when another atom is fused with oxygen creating a multifaceted molecule. But what makes this molecule so multifaceted? Ozone Molecule

Almost everyone I talk to about ozone seem to have a "lightbulb" moment, and say something along the lines of, “Oh… The stuff in the sky?” You're correct, but ozone can also be created artificially, using ozone generators and be used for many things!atmosphere and ozone layer


According to NASA 90% of the ozone in the atmosphere sits in the stratosphere. NASA states that ozone protects life on earth by blocking out harmful UV rays emitted from the sun, but if the ozone layer weakens, we can become more susceptible to skin cancers, cataracts, and impaired immune systems. Interestingly enough, as ozone gets closer to the ground it’s created by pollutants and is harmful to our lungs. I find it very amazing, that in one instance ozone is necessary for life to survive but in another, must be avoided because it’s deadly... just goes to say, God has created an intriguingly complex world.


Now, let’s look at the industries doing business all around us using ozone!



During these trying times we want guarantees that our hospitals are sterile. This can be made possible with ozone! When ozone makes contact with a bacteria’s cell wall, a reaction occurs called an oxidative burst, which creates a tiny hole in the cell wall. With a fractured wall, the bacteria begins to die because it cannot maintain its shape.


Have you ever had a vehicle that smelled terrible, but every time you tried to clean it, the smell wouldn't go away. I'm assuming you weren't using ozone? Surprisingly, ozone can act as an odor neutralizer. You can even try it on your clothing instead of detergent. Ozone really is a Jack of all trades!



dental ozone therapyJumping into a more controversial industry. Ozone can be used as a therapy by activating the immune system, reactivating antioxidant systems, and through stimulation of oxygen metabolism. By doing that it can leave you more energetic and alive to face your day.

Without even knowing, you could've already had an experience with ozone... because your dentist may use it! Cavities are created by bacteria, but ozone can be used to destroy the bacteria. It does this by penetrating through the enamel to eradicate the cavity.


You're probably wondering why this is such a controversial industry?... well everyone can agree that ozone should never be inhaled, so people naturally carry that logic into all aspects of their body. The only problem is that many studies have been completed showing the benefits of ozone therapy.


Food and Beverages:

In the food industry, ozone has the possibility to become a major contributor, but sadly only some have used ozone within their business. 


In the seafood market some companies use ozone to sanitize their work stations. Instead of cleaning their workstations in multiple steps, ozone has made it possible to sterilize everything in a one step process and a fraction of the time. Ozone can also be used to clean the seafood and help remove the odor, while keeping it fresh longer.


As this article is getting long you're probably thirsty, but before you lift that ice water to your mouth, just pause. In some cities ozone is used to sanitize and treat their water. before you spit everywhere, some have actually claimed that ozone water gave them more energy and helped with their digestion process, so it might not be as bad as you think. Ozone is also used in the winemaking Industry as a... you guessed it... a sanitizer. They use it to clean out their tanks instead of using pressurized heated water or a chemical. This saves time, and money, while doing a better job!



We’ve only scratched the surface of ozone and its many uses in the world! If you’re wondering how you can apply ozone personally in your life straight from your home... click the link below! We go into detail about the uses of home ozone therapy. Imagine knowing you’re helping heal your body naturally. You're not forcing your body to do something… you’re telling your body to kick into action and heal itself. If you’re ready to begin something new and natural click the link below.



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