NAD and Ozone Therapy: The Ultimate One-Two Punch for Health

NAD and Ozone Therapy: The Ultimate One-Two Punch for Health

Micah - The Ozonaut
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NAD and Ozone Therapy, combined, offer one the ability to feel alive and young again.

At a glance:

  • NAD+ is essential for energy production in our body.  The amount of NAD+ in our body decreases with age, causing us to age faster and increase the likelihood of disease.
  • NAD+ keeps things in balance by removing an excessive amount of free radicals and diminishing bodily stress.
  • However, the balance of NAD+ to NADH is also important.  Ozone therapy and NAD+ supplementation is a powerful combination.  NAD+ increases NAD+ in the body while ozone therapy balances the ratio of  NAD+:NADH.
  • NADOVIM is the best NAD+ supplement on the market (10% off with code SIMPLY) and people take it 30 minutes after an ozone therapy.

What would it take to create a healthy, vibrant, and energetic body?

In most first world countries, we no longer worry about gangrene infections or polio. We have done a terrific job of eliminating diseases that once ravished civilization.  People are living longer.  Infant mortality has been drastically reduced.  And we have even reduced world-wide poverty at an unprecedented rate in the last 20 years.  

Things seem to be going good… or are they?

We traded polio for cancer.  Smallpox for heart disease. Tetanus for stroke.

It seems that health has a new enemy...  chronic disease.

No matter the billions that are spent, nothing seems to be stopping these violent diseases. In fact, since Richard Nixon’s “War on Cancer”, We have only seen a 2% increase in the longevity of cancer patients

Modern science and medicine is clearly LOSING this battle!

It’s frustrating when the conventional system doesn’t have the answers, yet they will take your money and damage your body further with drugs and surgery. Conventional medicine will provide the facade of hope, while robbing you blind.  

It seems to be true…

If you say a lie enough times, it becomes the truth!

We understand what it’s like to be destroyed by conventional medicine. Many go from doctor to doctor and still have no significant results, yet they still insist you shell out thousands to them!

Do those doctors deserve your hard earned money?

What if there was a cheaper alternative?

The NAD+ Dilemma

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is an essential player that is found in literally every human cell, animals, yeast, bacteria, and even plant cells!

NAD+ plays a critical role in almost all biological processes that take place in our body ranging from metabolism and energy production to detoxification and vital brain functions. NAD chart

It is such a mighty molecule that some scientists have even gone so far as to discuss it in relation to the highly sought-after ‘Fountain of Youth’.


As we age, NAD+ levels naturally decline, and by the time we’re in our middle ages, our levels have decreased by half of what they were in our youth. 

Our lifestyles can also contribute to NAD+ decline. Chronic stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, and drug and alcohol abuse all contribute to a reduction in NAD.

What happens when we have insufficient NAD+?

When NAD+ declines... Chronic conditions and age related diseases are likely to increase!

Have you ever heard the term, “Everything in moderation”?

Well, it certainly applies in this scenario…

In your body there are molecules called free radicals.

Free radicals are actually quite helpful. They help cells to communicate and coordinate extremely complicated tasks.

However, too many free radicals is like having too many chefs in the kitchen. This is called oxidative stress.

Rather than fixing things, they begin to destroy your youthfulness and vitality! 

Imagine that! Something that is GOOD for our bodies becomes one of the main factors in aging and disease when it’s out of balance.  

The Key is Balance

NAD+ helps by removing the excess of free radicals. But as you age, the amount of NAD+ in your body decreases… causing an unbalanced amount of free radicals in your body!

Let’s break this down so far:

  1. NAD+ is an essential molecule found in every cell
  2. It helps to balance free radicals and diminish one of the primary causes of aging and disease
  3. BUT... NAD+ starts to run out as we get older, allowing the free radicals to get out of control and increase our rate of aging and potential for disease

Enter… Ozone therapy!

Ozone therapy and NAD+ supplementation are two peas in a pod, Oreos and milk, bacon and eggs… I think you get the picture!

NAD+ is used in cellular reactions.  When this happens, it is converted into a different but similar molecule, NADH.  

According to Dr. Frank Shallenberger, the ratio of NAD to NADH is vitally important and should be 700:1 in healthy cells.

Ozone therapy helps to maintain this healthy ratio of NAD:NADH, creating a synergistic effect.

On one side, you are increasing the amount of NAD+ in your body with NAD supplements, while on the other hand, you are balancing the ratio of NAD to NADH with ozone therapy.  NAD Benefits

The results?

  • Increased energy
  • Increased clarity
  • Decreased oxidative stress (the primary cause of aging and disease)

This one-two punch gives you a way to be young once again and fight chronic diseases!

The Best NAD+ Supplement on the Market

In my opinion, NADOVIM is the BEST NAD+ supplement on the market for these reasons: 

  • Made by doctors who have spent countless hours researching and testing.
  • It includes cognitive-enhancing botanicals, minerals, and nutrients to make the effects more potent.
  • Nadovim replenishes stores of NAD+ which converts into energy for the brain — the kind used for focus and concentration.

Buy NADOVIM here.  Use code “SIMPLY” for 10% off

When to Take NAD+ Supplements

NAD+ is an antioxidant. Ozone therapy is an oxidative treatment.

To allow for the best effect, NAD+ should be taken at least thirty minutes after an ozone therapy treatment. This allows ozone therapy enough time to make adjustments within the body undisturbed.

We have helped thousands of doctors and patients implement treatments into their clinics and homes.  

“I think you should learn about ozone.  It’s dirt cheap, it’s highly effective, it works across restoring things as well as enhancing things.” - Dave Asprey, Father of Biohacking

“It wasn’t until I supplemented with the ozone that a lot of my numbers really started to drop drastically, in a good way.  After I had my fifth ozone treatment I felt like I had a quadruple shot of espresso, I felt so bright and vibrant.”  - Beth Rosalinni

To Get Started with NAD:

  1. Buy these NAD supplements.  Use code “SIMPLY” for 10% off
  2. Take 2 pill by mouth per day or as recommended by your physician
  3. See energy and clarity increase after a month of use

While everyone else is taking whatever their doctor prescribes, and feeling older by the day, you’ll be doing something few have ever experienced… 

You’ll be an innovator... ushering in the new age of medical treatments! 

You have the opportunity to build a better body that lasts longer. You have the opportunity to build better personal and career goals, with all the new energy you’ll have! You have the opportunity to build a better… YOU!


Use code SIMPLY for 10% off

Full disclosure, I (Micah) make an affiliate commission based off NADOVIM sales.  However, I have never recommended a supplement before. The reason I recommend this particular NAD+ supplement is because I trust the people behind it and have personally benefited from the mental acuity and energy I gained.  I was noticeably different after about three weeks.  People may have varying results.  But I encourage you to check it out and see how many positive reviews this product has (hint: it’s a lot).  

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