Rectal Vs. Intravenous Ozone Therapy

Rectal Vs. Intravenous Ozone Therapy

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Although, there is a slight difference between intravenous ozone and rectal insufflation, one way is not necessarily better than the other.

Rectal insufflation is cost effective, easy to do, quick, and painless.  You can do it on a daily basis in your own home for under $1 a treatment.

On the other side there is intravenous ozone therapies like MaH/UBI, 10 Pass, and HiDose.  These are more effective but require going into the clinic and cost on average over $100 per treatment.

Many people sick with a chronic illness (cancer, autoimmune disease, infectious disease, Lyme, etc), get intravenous ozone and supplement it with ozone therapy at home since they can’t make it to the clinic every day.  

 Use the intravenous therapies until you are feeling well enough to only do the rectal insufflation at home. 

 But wait! Before you read any further, or cringe and totally disregard this treatment, you should know that rectal ozone insufflation is not painful or hazardous. Anyone can do it at home, and the results are nothing but positive. Many people are (understandably) turned off by the thought of rectal administration, but it is the easiest, most pain-free and systemic way to reverse the suppression of oxygen efficiency in your body. Click here for the protocol on rectal ozone insufflation. 

 Just remember, you can fundamentally aid your body by fighting Premature Mitochondrial Suppression.  Since mitochondria rely and thrive on oxygen, it makes sense to increase your oxygen efficiency. 

Oxygen efficiency is different than oxygen supply. Instead of working to increase the amount of oxygen you take in, oxygen efficiency works on a cellular level to enhance your ability to use the oxygen you already have.  

 When properly dosed and administered, ozone has the ability to improve oxygen efficiency. 

What diseases are treated by ozone therapy? 

The therapeutic properties of ozone can positively impact a wide variety of diseases, conditions, and injuries. As an alternative medicine, ozone therapy is often used alongside other treatments, in place of conventional medicine, or as a preventative practice. 

 Why? Because ozone is not a drug. Conventional medicine often treats the symptoms while leaving the cause unaffected. Ozone works with your body’s natural defense mechanisms, optimizing what you already have instead of forcing something unnatural to happen in your immune system.

The root cause of most conditions is chronic or abnormal inflammation (often recognized by the suffix “itis”). Ozone is used in dermatological and dental treatments, as well as chronic infections that affect the body’s systems. Viral, bacterial, and fungal diseases can be treated by ozone’s antimicrobial properties. Cancer, tumors, and a variety of vascular indications benefit from ozone due to its ability to improve circulation and increase the effects of oxygen and antioxidants.

Improved technologies have made ozone therapy even more accessible, allowing patients to use it responsibly at home. The following diseases may benefit from ozone therapy:

Autoimmune Disease
Lyme Disease
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Chronic Fatigue
Chronic Pain
Ear Infections
Heart Disease
Allergies and Sinusitis
Dental Cavitations and Infections

The 4 primary effects of ozone therapy

The benefits of ozone therapy are many, and the science supporting it is great, but we can boil the core benefits of ozone therapy down to these four primary effects. 

Immune Modulation - Ozone stimulates the immune system to make appropriate adjustments. An overactive immune system will calm down and an underperforming immune system will be boosted.

Increased Oxygen Efficiency - Ozone optimizes your ability to utilize oxygen. This is not the same as oxygen intake, which is the amount of oxygen you draw into your system. On a molecular level, ozone is able to increase your body’s ability to use oxygen.

Improved Microcirculation: Sometimes our blood doesn’t get into the places it should. Increasing microcirculation will get blood (and therefore nutrients) into places it typically would not. 

Detox: Due to the effects listed above,  ozone has a strong detox effect. Your body is able to run more efficiently and eliminate toxins more effectively.

You can enjoy the benefits of ozone therapy in the comfort of your own home… TODAY!

Ozone supports your body to work at its highest level.  This is why ozone therapy works for so many ailments AND is used by professional athletes and CEOs.

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