Ozone Therapy was an Entrepreneurs Solution to his Lymes Disease

Ozone Therapy was an Entrepreneurs Solution to his Lymes Disease

Christian Flore
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You know those people you have conversations with that you just can’t stop talking to, because you guys share the same passions… Well that’s what I felt when I spoke to John, on how he is using ozone therapy to help with his Lymes disease and Crohns.

John is a massage therapist, and entrepreneur, who is being innovative and finding new ways to educate and inspire people to take their life and health seriously, because he has first hand experience on what it feels like to suffer from health issues.

In 2020 the world went crazy because of COVID. Some people may even call it the “C” word, but for John it was the worst thing that happened but also the best. He had been dealing with Lyme for the last 13 years and Crohns for 6. When COVID snuck up on us, he seemed to get much worse!

Basically everything was intensified. He went to a Lyme practitioner and they recommend a compound called NAD. He began to feel better, but not as well as he wanted. When things couldn’t have gotten any worse he tested positive to a gene variant which made his body not able to detoxify itself.

That is when his practitioner recommended ozone, because it can destroy bacteria and parasites, which he had a lot of, because he couldn’t detoxify.

Before he started doing ozone therapy they took a blood test so they would know if the ozone was helping. His first experience with ozone therapy was through an IV. After about a month of doing this therapy they retested his blood and found almost no parasites in it.

He loved the results the ozone was providing because he felt so alive, well, and energetic. He began to search for ozone therapies that he could do right from his home instead of going to a clinic. That is when he found SimplyO3. He bought a home user kit from them and does daily rectal insufflation and ozone water. He says he feels like he is 20 again!

With this new found information and therapy he got an idea…

That idea is to build a digital platform that will educate others on better health decisions, financial decisions and life decisions. He described it to me as TED talks meets Netflix. He seeks to inspire the next generation, so they can live their best life! That is the legacy he wants to leave behind.

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