Ozone Therapy and Viral Infections

Ozone Therapy and Viral Infections

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Ozone therapy stimulates the body toward homeostasis by creating a mild, acute oxidative stress and activates the NRF2 pathway (the same pathway activated during exercise and fasting).1, 2, 3  Among many mechanisms of action, ozone therapy is able to increase the body’s natural antioxidant production4, enhance oxygen metabolism5, and modulate the immune system.6, 7

Ozone therapy has been extensively researched in Europe and Cuba for the last sixty years.  Millions of treatments have been performed with a higher safety record than aspirin.6  While you cannot breath ozone due to the lack of antioxidant defenses in the lungs7, it can be safely administered in many other parts of the body.8, 9

Virucidal Effects

Ozone therapy is potentially effective for treating virus affecting the respiratory system, based on its proven effectiveness against other viral infections.10, 11  As a complementary treatment, it is used with all standard protocols for the viral infection but is not accepted by the FDA in the United States. 

Multiple countries are using ozone therapy against respiratory viruses with reported success, including China, Italy, Spain, and the United States.  Italy has produced the most research with a reported 16 hospitals (probably more) utilizing ozone therapy against respiratory viruses. 

One organization in Italy published a report of 46 respiratory viruses confirmed cases treated with ozone therapy. 12  Out of the 46 patients, 39 significantly improved.  This was their second report published, confirming the results of the first report. 

Many more case reports and anecdotes exist of rapid recovery with ozone therapy.13, 14, 15

While ozone therapy is used for many diseases, scientists claim that ozone therapy is able to do the following against Coronavirus:10

  1. Block the virus’ ability to replicate by balancing the cellular redox state 2, 5, 16
  2. Activates and modulates the immune system to prevent the virus from escaping immune control 17, 18, 19
  3. Improves oxygenation to prevent scarring of the lungs and protect vital organs from viral damage 20, 21, 22
  4. When used with blood, deactivates the virus which creates a natural vaccine - hypothesized 23, 24, 25

More reports are needed to confirm the promising results of ozone therapy against respiratory viruses.  Preliminary data suggests significant effectiveness against the mechanisms of the infection.   

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