My Experience With COVID and What I Did

My Experience With COVID and What I Did

Micah - The Ozonaut
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I had a COVID experience over two months ago.

Let's start with some facts about my health. Hopefully this gives you some comparative baseline.

I have asthma. It’s not severe but enough to keep me from enjoying long distance runs. I don’t use an inhaler because I try to use deep breathing exercises and avoid triggers.

I’m in shape (but not as much as I should be). I used to be a crossfit coach and participated in olympic weightlifting competitions. Now I usually just do home or office workouts.

I usually get sick once every couple years

I don’t eat perfect but generally stay away from sweets and processed foods except for once or twice a week

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Tuesday: Started blowing my nose a bit. It felt just like a mild cold. I developed a mild cough in the evening. It was so mild it sounded like I was faking it.

Wednesday: This was the “worst” day. When I woke up in the morning, my phone asked, “Are you ok?” I have an Oura ring which tracks my temperature, sleep patterns, and heart rate. It noticed some irregularities and said my temperature and heart rate spiked during the night. However, there was no abnormal temperature when I measured it in the morning.

I felt lethargic and had a general feeling of discomfort. There were moments of nausea but nothing that was intolerable. My nose cleared up from the previous day but my head didn’t feel great. My eyes felt puffy and uncomfortable.

Nothing severe, but it was enough to make me feel unmotivated and lethargic.

Thursday: Felt 90% again. I did a workout and stayed pretty active. Most of my symptoms were gone but I would have random waves of feeling nausea and general discomfort.

Friday: Felt 95% in the morning and back to 100% by the evening. I cleaned the house like a crazy person because I just had a couple of days of not getting much done.

Overall, COVID felt like a cold with some extra symptoms. The most noticeable was my lethargy and random waves of not feeling well with nausea.

An odd one (I didn’t know about this until my wife told me) was the lack of smell. I have been fairly disconnected from news and social media, so I haven’t been hearing about COVID symptoms.

On Wednesday I filled up my humidifier and put some essential oils in it (who doesn’t like a nice lavender smell?). However, I noticed something was wrong with the lavender oil. It must have gone bland. I put a drop on my finger and put it up to my nose. I took a big sniff… nothing!

I went to Caitlyn and explained the predicament of our faulty essential oils. She laughed and said, “You really can’t smell that?”

She explained to me that it was a symptom of COVID.

My nose wasn’t plugged at the time. So it was (and is) quite strange to inhale without any smell.

Nonetheless, I have found COVID is quite beneficial to me… I can no longer smell anything while changing diapers!

I’m not sure when the smell will return but I’m not worried about it.

None of my family displays any symptoms, despite being exposed to me in a small area for a week.

This is just my experience and doesn’t represent what other people will feel. But I thought it would be interesting to share!

Methods I used during COVID

These are not recommendations. This is merely a recounting of what I used while I had COVID.

I mostly ate a low carb diet while I was sick. I’m not sure if it helped, it tends to be my go to diet.

IV Ozone/UBI - 3x per week

Rectal Ozone - daily

Zinc Lozenges from Life Extension

Ubiquinol from NOW

NADOVIM (NAD+ supplement)

Mercola’s Whole-Food Multivitamin

Naked Creatine

Now a couple months later I have no residual symptoms from COVID. I have continued with the home ozone therapies.

My COVID experience was a mild one.

My dad also got COVID at age 70. He also has asthma. He was a bit more sick than me but rebounded in 10 days, using a similar routine to me.

I also had a brother who got COVID at the same time. His experience was even less symptomatic than mine.

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