IV Ozone Therapy - The Method for the BEST Results

IV Ozone Therapy - The Method for the BEST Results

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Why does Dr. Rowen recommend ozone therapy at home to patients?

Or for that matter, Dr. Hyman, Dave Asprey, and Dr. Mercola?

They are the top guys in the industry.  They REALLY know their stuff.

Thousands of doctors love IV ozone therapy because they consistently generate results and income.

But they often forsake ozone therapy at home with unanswered questions:

“But… if IV ozone is so great…  why is there a need for ozone therapy at home?  
If I give patients ozone at home, won’t they quit doing IV ozone therapy?  Will they quit coming back to my clinic?”

Valid questions!

Why the best clinicians recommend ozone at home to supplement IV ozone:

  1. Ozone therapy at home is a supplement to IV ozone.  NOT a replacement.  IV ozone covers the broadest range of pathologies and is the most effective form of administration.  Among many things, adding ozone at home offers a more holistic approach.  It addresses gut issues while having direct access to the liver through the portal vein.  For an in depth article on rectal insufflation, click here

  2. Ozone therapy thrives on consistency.  Do you get strong after one workout?  At least not noticeably.  You need consistency.

    Studies show the greatest effect of ozone therapy with consistent application of ozone therapy.  One, two, or three therapies usually doesn’t cut it.  Especially in severe chronic diseases.  

    Ozone therapy reacts in a similar way.  Patients will often experience the best benefits after 6 weeks of IV and rectal ozone. 

  3. People appreciate value.  I’ve met doctors who were afraid to equip patients with ozone therapy at home.  “My patients will quit coming in for intravenous ozone if I give them ozone at home!”  Not so.  Do your patients quit coming in when you provide a supplement, drug, or some other home remedy?  They continue to come in because they trust you to solve their problem and clearly understand what is expected of them.

    If your patients understand the first two points, they will understand how ozone helps solve their problem.  They will continue coming back as long as you are clear with them by laying out their treatment plan.  And once you solve their problem, they will become a raving fan. 

    Focus on getting your patients better and you will keep people coming back and grow your clinic.  How can you deliver as much value as possible?

It is known that ozone therapy creates a hormetic response.  

A hormetic response is a slightly toxic or damaging effect.  Then it produces an overwhelmingly positive result.  An example of a hormetic response is exercise.  Exercise tears down and stresses our system to build muscle and improve physical function.  

You can magnify results with a two fold approach - intravenous ozone therapy and ozone at home.

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