Infected Woman Uses Ozone Therapy as a Cure

Infected Woman Uses Ozone Therapy as a Cure

Christian Flore
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If you found a life changing secret that few knew about would you tell the world? That is exactly what Christine did when she found and then felt the effect of ozone therapy.

Her journey started almost 4 years ago. She was sick and tired of being sick and tired! Christine was constantly hearing from doctors that she was getting older and having this issue and that issue. Most days she was in extreme pain and chronic fatigue. 

Was this normal for someone in their early 40’s to be experiencing? That thought was circulating through her head.

She had had enough of the conventional system and its ways of finding cures. She needed a new way… something that may just cure her pain.

Upon getting a thermal image taken she found out she had 8 root canal teeth in her mouth that were infected. The fascinating thing was that she didn’t even feel pain in her mouth or have any symptoms, so she would have never known where the source of the problem was.

One of her biggest nightmares as a child was having no teeth, so she definitely didn’t want that dream to come true!

So Christine began taking immediate actions to find ways to get rid of her root canals… But then she received the second thermal image!

This one showed the root canals but it also showed it had spread to her thyroid. Everything made sense now. Your thyroid connects to various parts of the body, so if that was infected it can cause the whole body to go into a state of chaos!

Christine immediately found a holistic dentist to remove her root canals. The day after she had them removed she felt amazing, so much so she went back to the dentist and asked what they had used.

That was her introduction to ozone and its many benefits. Wanting to continue feeling energetic and young again she figured out she could expose her blood to ozone which is called major auto hemotherapy. (MAH)

Even Though Christine was feeling better, the price was just too high to continue on a regular basis. That is when she found SimplyO3! They specialize in home ozone kits that are the most affordable on the market, while still providing the same quality and results major auto hemotherapy does.

She now tries to do ozone therapy 3-5 times a week and seeks to tell the world her secret she found that has made her feel young again.

During the pandemic when her elderly father couldn’t hang around his buddies she invited him over only if he would do ozone. Within a short amount of time she began to see his health takeoff. Her once skeptical father, now is a proponent of it. 

This is something we should all be doing. We have been educated on the benefits of ozone, so we need to get out there and spread the secret to the world… people are sick and we can help them… so will you?

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