5 Ways to Improve your Mental Health in a Week

5 Ways to Improve your Mental Health in a Week

Christian Flore
5 minute read

During these times I keep hearing the same thing...

"Why can't life go back to the way it was?"

We all want some sort of normalcy back, yet it seems every glimmer of hope we get is shrouded by the next days drama.

Some studies have shown in June of 2020, 40% of adults reported struggling with mental health.

We all feel like the world is against us, like we're the sand of the beaches and the waves of the world keep beating down on us. 

To get you off the battered beaches and begin riding the waves towards a new life, I will give you 5 ways you can begin improving your mental health... one that is constantly enjoying each and every moment.

Fist things first, we need to establish that their will always be negativity in the world, so this list will not teach you how to ignore it, but to look beyond it by thinking with a different mentality.

  1. Exercise: This is probably the most common solution that is given, but I can't stress it enough, even if you just walk outside to get away from the hustle and bustle. I feel the most at peace and stress free when I walk through a forest. For me their is something just about being alone in nature that calms me down and makes me feel rejuvenated. If you're sitting at a desk, it's as easy as standing up or pacing your office/cubicle, because as Newton said it best... an object in motion tends to stay in motion. When you're in motion or moving forward, you're motivated to push harder.
  2. Rest: This is my favorite! Your body needs rest and sleep especially if you are exercising. Think of sleep as a shower, you wouldn't only clean half your body when you're showering, but so many times we deprive ourselves of half the sleep our body needs. Just as a shower cleans you, sleep cleans your mind and body of all the negativity and stress that has made its way in your head... that's why they say never let the sun set on your anger... chances are, you probably won't get much sleep.
  3. Give/Serve: Our moods and stress for the most part, are based entirely on what is happening in our own lives. When our mental health begins to decline, we tend to only focus on how we can get our health back up. Sometimes the solution is to not think about how YOU can get your health back up, but how can YOU go lift someone up by serving or helping them. It's so crazy to think that not thinking about yourself and instead caring for others can actually make you feel driven, give you purpose, and make you happier. Always try to make it fun, because giving should not be a HAVE TO but a GET TO... I know you can do it!
  4. Call Someone: You're thinking it can't be that simple... well it is. Sometimes I will close my eyes and scroll through my contacts and whichever one I randomly stop at, I'll call and see how their doing... unless they're some old ex. Maintaining and growing relationships is a huge factor to being happy. It could even be as simple as texting someone... "Hey (Insert Name) just thought of you, what's been happening in your life?" This goes along with serving others. You could be doing something that's on your to do list, but instead you are sacrificing your time to listen and soak in knowledge from others.
  5. Continue Growing/Learning: I can not stress this last one enough, because I have seen so much growth in my own life from doing this one thing. Many people refer to life as a marathon, yet why do people get to a certain age then just sit on the sidelines? What do I mean? When we're young we have naive thoughts of changing the world, but somewhere along the line we get complacent with where we're at that we fail to continue learning more about the world. Benjamin Franklin said it best when he wrote, "some people die at 25 but are buried at 75." The chances of life are 1 in 400 trillion! You are more likely to win the lottery 30 times than be born, yet when we are born it's so easy to take things for granted. Don't worry, I do this all the time. Always continue growing and learning because chance did not bring you into the world... you have a purpose and that purpose continues developing until the day you walk out of life. 

I will leave you with this... My mom is in her 50's, yet I continually hear her say, "When I get older I'm going to do (insert some crazy achievement)" To some this may sound silly and ridiculous, but to me it's inspiring... because she is still being inspired, even in her 50's! We all need to keep inspiring ourselves by learning from others.

These are the 5 ways to improve your mental health in a week.

I would recommend tackling one the first day and then every day after, add one, as to ensure making it a habit.

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