How to Do Ozone Therapy in 3 Steps

How to Do Ozone Therapy in 3 Steps

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People can do ozone therapy at home or the doctor’s office.  

At the doctor’s office, they typically do MaH/UBI (Major Autohemotherapy/Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation).  It is claimed to be an extremely effective therapy. It costs between $175 - $300 per treatment and usually 6 - 10 treatments are done over 3 - 10 weeks. 

For less money, people do ozone therapy at home on a daily basis in three minutes or less. Many reports claim that rectal insufflation is 50 - 95% as effective as the intravenous methods. Rectal insufflation has a couple other advantages:

  • It can be done daily - more ozone therapy!
  • It can be done at home
  • For the price of a few intravenous therapies at the doctor’s, people can get their own equipment at home

Total cost for a basic home set up is about $1,150 after all is said and done.  


 Three easy steps…

 STEP 1: Get An Oxygen Tank

STEP 2: Buy An Ozone Generator Complete Kit

STEP 3: Enjoy the Benefits of Ozone Therapy at Home


STEP 1: Get An Oxygen Tank

An oxygen tank is necessary to produce pure medical grade ozone.  

Choose between 870 Medical or 540 Industrial.  They are rated for the same grade of oxygen.Oxygen Tanks and Regulators

 870 Medical Oxygen Tanks require a prescription and are harder to get.  People get a prescription from their doctor and then search on Google, “Oxygen Supply Near Me.”  They take the oxygen prescription into the oxygen supply store and get an oxygen tank for about $100, refills are about $15.

 For the most part, ozone therapy products have to be purchased with cash because it's not covered by insurance. Some medical oxygen supplies only allow rentals of oxygen tanks, which is more expensive over time.  

Most people choose to get 540 Industrial oxygen tanks because the process is much easier. Just Google “Airgas near me” or “Praxair near me”.  Go in and ask for a size “R” oxygen tank (20 cu/ft of oxygen). It’s portable but should still last you 3 - 12 months, depending on how you use it.  The tanks typically cost about $100 for the initial purchase and $15 for refills.  



Kits like this cost about $1,035 and will allow you to do ozone therapy at home for Biohacking and longevity.  

Do not buy a knock off or a cheap machine. These can produce contaminants and add toxicity to your body. They also have unreliable/inaccurate dosing, potentially causing harm and negating the positive effects of ozone.

 Do not pay too much for your ozone equipment. Some companies charge a lot more for no added bonus and generally use scare tactics. 

A kit you buy online should include:
Ozone Therapy Machine

  • A Medical Grade Ozone Generator
  • Ozone Water Bubbler System (Includes destruct but not a 3-way valve)
  • Ozone Stethoscope
  • 2 3-Chambered Ozone Insufflation Bags
  • 2 60cc Syringes
  • 1 10 Pack of Catheters
  • Ozone Cream Sample Pack
  • Your choice of regulator

With this kit people will:

  • Make ozone water for drinking and swishing
  • Rectal insufflation for the best systemic benefit
  • Ear insufflation for ear, nose, throat, and brain issues


Enjoy the benefits of ozone therapy at home with your new ozone therapy products. 

You can click here for a full instructional guide on how ozone therapy is done at home.  

You can click here to buy a generator and other Ozone therapy products

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