HiDose Ozone Therapy Protocol

HiDose Ozone Therapy Protocol

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This HiDose Ozone Therapy Protocol is provided by the Society of Progressive Medical Education

  • Draw up 40cc of saline use a 60cc syringe and 18g needle
  • Prime the line: At the Hi-Dose cuvette Y port, infuse saline mix toward patient end, then clamp off
  • With the cuvette held upright infuse the additional saline toward the spike port eliminating air from the cuvette
  • Insert cuvette into UV machine and IV line into infusion pump (flow from patient to bag)
  • Preload the syringe with 3,000-5,000 IU of heparin draw up 60cc of saline.
  • Attach the small line to the syringe and Install the syringe into the syringe pump and set the pump to 150ml/hr speed and 50ml VTBI (volume to be infused.
  • Set infusion pump rate at 1200 ml/h and transfer 330 ml (VTBI) of blood/saline from patient to bag.
  • Should take 16 minutes
  • Prepare patient, insert 19g - 21g needle into patient and attach to the cuvette luer end
  • Turn on UBI device
  • Turn on infusion pump
  • Turn on syringe pump
  • Once blood is done transferring, connect another syringe with 40cc of saline onto syringe line and purge lines both ways First to patient! so the HI Dose cuvette is diluted
  • Clamp the line below the drip chamber prior to gas insertion
  • Turn off the lights of the UBI unit. Turn them back on prior to reinfusion of the blood/mix
  • Connect ozone generator to the bag via silicone tube and bubble at ¼ LPM at 70ug/ml for 4 minutes.
  • The ozone generator is set at 70 Nmg/l, 15 l/hr, 4 minutes
  • Disconnect silicone tube and replace cap on bag luer port with a non-vented luer lock cap
  • Gently rock the bag to mix ozone with blood (ensure all ports are capped prior to mixing)
  • Invert HI Dose bag – ensure that there is no air in the line
  • Set the IV line in the pump so that it is directed back to the patient
  • Set infusion pump rate at 1200 ml/h and 400ml and pump mixture back to patient. It will quit when line bubbles get to the pump.

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