Conversations with a Cancer Survivor

Conversations with a Cancer Survivor

Christian Flore
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This is a true story of a man who pushed through cancer, and gave it his all, to eradicate it from his body using ozone. What can we learn from his story... the cancer survivor?

I recently had the pleasure of having a phone call with John Kramer, a 90 year old who is keeping busy to this day and still has not forgotten his sense of humor.

John says he was supposed to die 20 years ago… that’s at least what he was told! I can assure you from our conversation that is not the case, but he seems to be 20 years younger.

John was diagnosed with the most ravaging killer of our generation… cancer. In 1995 he was told he had prostate cancer, having been told they would cut out his prostate, he sought to find an alternative solution. He was able to find 3 options, but 2 of them seemed to have little results and not much evidence. The final option was a therapy that used ozone.

He had heard about this before, because it was a common alternative therapy in Costa Rica, where he resided. Since he was tired of being drained to death from his cancer, he went with his gut and the one he felt provided the most research and evidence. That being ozone therapy. He did the treatment for 3 months, going 3 days a week in an ozone sauna. His treatments paid off, because in 3 weeks, they did a biopsy and noticed the cancer had vanished!

Since the doctors had never seen anything like this before, they ran another biopsy, but this time with 28 samples... twice the normal amount to make sure what they had seen before was real. It turns out, it was in fact gone! After some time he developed skin cancers, where do you think he was found? In his sauna, which he had conveniently moved to his office, so he could work and do therapies daily. He said over time he noticed that his cancers began to shrivel and fall off.

His treatments paid off, because in 3 weeks, they did a biopsy and noticed the cancer had vanished!

Honestly, John’s story is so inspiring to hear! Being 19, I dream of one day living to 90, but I know the only way to get there is to give my body what it needs.... What does it need? That’s a question that has been answered by so many people, from scientists, doctors, and even just your average Joe. We all try to find ways to enhance our life. Everyone wants to be happy, healthier, and live longer, but if you’re reading this, and you have felt as if nothing is working, I encourage you to look for something new. Ozone has something new to offer, as we just heard from John and his life changing story… your story could be next!

In the words of John, a 90 year old cancer survivor, who owns 5,000 acres and is turning it into ocean view lots,

“I can’t help but stay busy.”

Those words breathe hope into the rest of us, because this 90 year old knows it’s only a matter of time before the inevitable, yet he still feels like it 's his responsibility and duty to continue working hard. He has the energy, strength and passion to persevere. I’ve always dreamed of being able to work hard and do what I love up until the day I pass, but the reality is, if I’m not taking care of my body and constantly trying to improve my health and habits… I won’t ever make it there.

Technology, science and the health industry are always changing, so we need to change with it and adapt. We need to do our research. We need to stop believing something isn’t good just because someone of high importance says it isn’t. And we need to stop believing something is good just because someone says it is. Research is how we grow and improve, and I want you to grow and improve, so below is a link to our definitive guide to ozone, so you can do your research. Just like I wouldn’t give someone keys to a car before they have gotten their license… I don’t want you to purchase any ozone products before you have learned the science and workings of ozone and how it can benefit you. With all that being said, click the link below to learn more about ozone and its power it has on your body.

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