Protocols for Ozone Therapy 2021

Protocols for Ozone Therapy 2021

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CLICK HERE to access the protocols.

What are the best ozone therapy protocols in 2021?

This tends to be a confusing topic because there are a lot of different opinions.  

We have done the legwork to put together an updated and easy to understand protocol document for ozone therapy.  

How the Document was Created

There are two places these ozone therapy protocols are derived from. 

First, the Madrid Declaration.  The Madrid Declaration is a document signed by a collective of ozone therapy scientists.  It details out the best and most proven ways to apply ozone therapy.  However, it was not very user friendly, so we compiled it into a different document. 

Then, we sent that document off to a plethora of medical practitioners.  They made edits and sent it back to us once everything was agreed on.  

Hence, this document was not made by us, but compiled from the research and experience of highly qualified scientists and medical professionals.

Click here to access the protocols.

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